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The move toward unconventional, creative alternatives to basic wardrobe pieces. 

The philosophy behind this movement is to inspire the wearer to see dressing through a new angle and to infuse color and positive feeling inside and out—always respecting fit and quality.

Kim has always believed that although slacks can be versatile, a woman looks best in a dress! Dresses and skirts can shape a womanʼs figure to look fabulous, feminine and professional. Wearing a skirt causes the wearer to maneuver with a certain imposed etiquette which is sorely needed in our society today. Imagine decades ago when walking into an office, a store, a school, etc. where working women looked impeccable! Kim has set out to bring back the lady in a fun and creative way. A collection of fun, fabulous skirts, tops and jackets

to tickle your sensibility. 

KIMISM................. what to wear!

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